Lame-duck Premiers Lobby Against Oil Tanker Ban and the Wishes of 80% of British Columbians

Folks are incensed this morning that a lame-duck Premier (two when you include Alberta's Ed Stelmach) would contradict the wishes of 80% of British Columbians who support a federal oil tanker ban off the North coast of British Columbia. Reacting to a story this AM, first broken by the Globe and Mail, the Oil Free Coast Coalition, which includes a powerful fishing union, wilderness tourism association, as well as numerous businesses, community and environmental groups, is taking BC Premier Gordon Campbell to task for a last minute act of oilsands lobbying: Co-authoring a letter to Prime Minister Harper asking the government to kill Liberal MP Joyce Murray's proposed tanker ban bill.

Gordon Campbell isn't exactly a premier who listens to the people (witness the HST implementation), but a number of his potential successors are promising to do things differently, and so the Oil Free Coast Coalition wants to know where the BC Liberal leadership candidates stand on the issue. A fair question.

Here's the coalition's press release and backgrounder this morning.