Investors Lose Confidence in Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline As First Nations Opposition Grows

Financial analyst quote of the day: "Honestly, from my perspective, it's nothing that I would even consider at this point putting into my financial model," said Lanny Pendill, energy analyst at Edward Jones.

"There are still substantial hurdles from an environmental standpoint and just the huge opposition that we're seeing from the aboriginal community." - Reuters.

Analysis: Foes fight Canada pipeline to rich Asia market Jeffery Jones Reuters (reprinted Vancouver Sun, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, FuturePros, Forexyard) February, 17 2011

Enbridge pipeline project faces more opposition: Another first nations group rejects proposal Derrick Penner The Vancouver Sun, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal February, 17 2011

First Nations call Enbridge offer 'insult' Lauren Krugel The Canadian Press (Metro Toronto, Metro Calgary, Metro Edmonton, Metro Ottawa, Metro Halifax, Canadian Business, Oilweek, Stockhouse, and community papers) February, 16 2011

Five B.C. First Nations reject Enbridge equity offer Claudia Cattaneo The Financial Post (and National Post) February, 16 2011

Natives Aren't Buying Northern Gateway Pipeline Barbara Yaffe The Vancouver Sun "Powerplay" Blog February, 16 2011

First Nations Alliance Says No To Enbridge Revenue Sharing Offer John Crawford CJFW Radio February, 16 2011 Yinka Dene says "No" to Enbridge HQPrinceGeorge, 94X and The Wolf News February, 16 2011

Northern BC radio (CBC and others) and newspapers conducted numerous interviews with the Saikuz First Nation yesterday. More coverage to come.