Teaching Philosophy

My job as a teacher is to facilitate experiential learning and to share with students the tools and skills, and the aptitude and confidence to use them, which will help them achieve their goals as professionals and citizens.

I view my role as a co-learner with my students. I want to inspire and be inspired by their curiosity, enthusiasm and collective wisdom. We should challenge each other.

As a former amateur stand-up comic, I use comedy to introduce both levity and critical thinking to the learning process. By creating an open and supportive learning environment that values the unique knowledge and life experience of each individual, my students can learn without fear, bolstering their self-confidence.

My teaching perspective is weighted towards apprenticeship and my teaching relies heavily on recent, relevant, real-life case studies. Whenever possible, I invite my students to problem-solve actual issues I am working on through my consulting practice. Students have identified this real-world application of theory and practice as one of the greatest strengths of my teaching.