Canadians Want The Truth, And We're Going to Get It

Dear fellow Canadian citizens,

If there is anything clear from yesterday's whirlwind of viral online discussion and media coverage, based on the sworn affidavit and open letter I issued to Canadian citizens, it is that the truth has not yet been told. Together we can change that.

Those named in my sworn affidavit, including the Government of Canada and Tides Canada, have not answered the fundamental question that I was fired for asking: Did the Prime Minister's Office attempt to pressure a charitably-funded environmental organization, critical of the Enbridge Northern Gateway oil tanker and pipeline project, and in doing so did it label its own citizens, "Enemies of the Government of Canada," and "Enemies of the People of Canada?"

In interviews, both Tides Canada and the Government have used weasel words like "inaccurate" or "we don't comment on meetings with government" or "we deny these statements," to dodge the question.

Most damning is this quote from an article by the Canadian Press:

Andrew MacDougall, spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office, said none of the statements attributed to the government is accurate.

"The Prime Minister's Office denies making any of the allegations or saying any of the things that are outlined in that statement," he said.

He would not comment when asked if either Tides Canada or ForestEthics had been targeted by the government.

"No comment" speaks louder than words. It's a baby step towards the truth. To help Prime Minister Harper and his tongue-tied spokesman tell the full truth and nothing but the truth, here is a list of questions that I propose media, opposition MPs and Canadian citizens ask this government over and over and over again until we get a clear answer. I apologize for the very precise wording, but my dad was a lawyer, and he taught me the importance of using precise language to uncover the truth:

1. Have you, or any member of the Prime Minister's office, or any member of your government, used language to describe any critic whatsoever of the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline or Canadian oil sands development in general, using the words "Enemy," or "Enemies" of the Government of Canada or "Enemy," or "Enemies" of the people of Canada?

2. Has your government made any efforts whatsoever, to restrict the ability of any civil society group, whatsoever, and in any fashion, whatsoever, that is registered as an intervenor in the National Energy Board's Joint Review Panel for the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline, to participate to its fullest ability, and to secure its funding as a charitable entity, as it has done in Canada for close to a decade?

3. Have you, or any member of the Prime Minister's office, or any member of your government or the Conservative Party of Canada instructed the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, or any other investigative service or individual, to monitor or interact with covertly, or otherwise, any member or employee of any civil society organization, or First Nation, whatsoever, that is critical of, or publicly opposed to the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline or Canadian oil sands development in general?

In order to give the media and opposition MPs (as well as our fellow citizens) that extra "umph" to get out there and hold this government to account, I've created an online "Cause" page. It's a completely non-partisan way to channel the energy of this nerve that's been struck in the Canadian public's sense of decency, and to use it to reveal the truth.

Please join it and share it with the same ferocity you showed in supporting me yesterday.

I plan to personally reply to every note and email that has been sent to me, and your response has been overwhelming and uplifting. I have never been scared or fearful in this whole process (because I knew what I was doing was right), but I can say I have never felt so powerful as I did yesterday, knowing my fellow citizens were standing shoulder to shoulder with me in holding this government to account. When you threaten one of us, you threaten all of us.

We've got work ahead of us, but we can all smell the truth, and we're just a few short steps away from having it told, and holding this government to account.

This is a citizens' movement. Take it where you will.

Sincerely and best regards,