Watch Now: Pah! Deaf Television Pilot

Watch Now:

For my undergrad practicum, I co-wrote, directed and edited a Deaf television pilot titled, "Pah!" with members of Toronto's Deaf community. It was produced for Deaf and hearing audiences, and includes audio as well as a musical interlude by members of The Wooden Sky.  The audio was intended to be "felt" by audiences through tactile transducers at a viewing installation.

The production won a bunch of student awards, including the 2004 Broadcast Educators Association of Canada award for best video drama/comedy, and was reviewed by the National Film Board.

Through the magic of the internet, the production has been uploaded to the internet open source library,

and can now be shared and viewed by anyone, anywhere! You can download it (highest quality) or stream it right from the page itself.

This version of the show doesn't have subtitles (I still need to learn how to transfer those from the DVD...not an easy thing I'm guessing), but for hearing audiences, you can still enjoy this rare and visually rich introduction to Deaf culture - albeit in a dramatic/comedic storyline.

Enjoy and feel free to forward far and wide!