Comedy: Zach Galifianakis & Cat Montage

I'm one of those people who at the end of a party or an evening with friends, starts recommending funny videos "you have to see!" Anyhow, I thought I'd bring this party trick/online media viewing habit to a larger audience.

Zach Galifianakis has been making me laugh hard for weeks now. I've slowly been working through his underground stand-up and Absolute Vodka commercials. You probably saw him on "The Hangover" but you need to see more of him.

His "Funny or Die" series, "Between Two Ferns" is pretty hilarious, and his stand-up at the Purple Onion is great:

Finally, and reluctantly, I post this cat video montage, found by my cousin Tim. I include it here because it damn near killed him, and perhaps it'll do the same for you. He hates cats. The video has it's moments, especially a clip where a pissed-off cat chases a black bear. The introduction is awful and cheesey and definitely YouTube at its "best."