Wood Fires: As Lightly as Fall the Blossoms

The blossoms are out way too early this year, and I don't know if anyone is ready for spring this soon, but since they're here, with petals already hitting the ground, here's another poem from my nana as part of my "Woodfires" series of posts.

Finding solace in nature is a pretty classic theme in human literature, but it's neat to hear my nana exhorting us to "chill out." I wonder what some of her daytime cares were at the time of this writing, and of course what a beautiful motif, using blossoms and their quiet landing on the grass at night as a soft reminder of the beautiful progression of time and the often trivial nature of our daytime cares. Enjoy.

As Lightly as Fall the Blossoms

The almond tree has loosed its bloom Where slow winds pass, With a sweet cascade of petals On the grass.

The misting night has dropped its cloak Of dark again, With a glimmer of white starlight Through the rain.

So may the cares of the daytime Drift from your sight, As lightly as fall the blossoms And the night.