Mackerel. It's What's For Dinner.

I really like Mackerel, and I think you should eat it. Here's why: Sustainability - Mackerel is one of the few fisheries out there that's considered largely sustainable by folks like the Marine Stewardship Council. In spite of ever rising fish quotas, these little beauties are prolific. Why not give our salmon and tuna stocks (many collapsing

or on the brink) a rest?

Low Mercury - As a smaller fish, mercury bio-accumulates much less than in larger species like Tuna. Mercury will make you go crazy...why not go crazy for Mackerel instead?

Tasty - This fish is not "fishy." It's the next chicken of the sea (especially if Tuna disappear). I eat this stuff in tins like it's going out of bones (if there are any, they're so tiny and soft I've never noticed them). It doesn't have to be tinned though, Mackerel can be sexy too. Look for "Saba" at your sushi restaurant and enjoy. Kingyo, in Vancouver, has a particularly killer box roll made with blow-torched Mackerel that will make you cry, and Zipang on Main Street, has delicious Saba nigiri - a nice oily and slightly more "oceanic" taste vs. cooked.

Nutritious! -  High in Omega 3's, protein and vitamins D and B-12.

Cheap & Quick - Whether it's on a sushi menu or a quick tin in your packed lunch, Mackerel is cheap and quick. Since I started boxing it has been my go to source of quick and easy protein, and my local grocer stocks a lot more of it (between my roomates and I, we've created dependable demand).

Mackerel. It's what's for dinner.