That's what Margaret Atwood, one of the world's most accomplished writers, is calling this scandal on Twitter. I trust Ms. Atwood with finding the right words, and now it's up to Canadians to find the truth. Lot's more coming and planned, but in the mean time I want to share that the original open letter is 300 reads away from 60,000. That's since Tuesday morning! Please keep sharing it. It is a good introduction to this whole affair, and it is building a citizens' movement to reveal the truth behind EnemyGate.

There are lot's of angles in this story, but for me, there are two key questions that Canadian citizens need answered, and we won't rest until we get straight answers:

Question #1: Have you, or any member of the Prime Minister’s office, or any member of your government, used language to describe any critic whatsoever of the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline or Canadian oil sands development in general, using the words “Enemy,” or “Enemies” of the Government of Canada or “Enemy,” or “Enemies” of the people of Canada?

Question #2: Has your government made any efforts whatsoever, to restrict the ability of any civil society group, whatsoever, and in any fashion, whatsoever, that is registered as an intervenor in the National Energy Board’s Joint Review Panel for the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline, to participate to its fullest ability, and to secure its funding as a charitable entity, as it has done in Canada for close to a decade?

Use this tool to find your Member of Parliament's email address and then send them these two questions to ask the government. If they are Conservative, ask them directly. Make sure to CC Prime Minister Harper: pm@pm.gc.ca Please send any responses you do get to andrew "at" andrewfrank.ca

In the meantime, let's get #EnemyGate trending on Twitter. Canadians want the truth.