Student Testimonials

Recent comments from anonymous KPU student evaluations:

Learning Environment

“The learning environment is highly conducive to learning and extremely engaging. The instructor offers opportunities for students to participate during the lecture.”

“This has been the best learning environment in my three years of Kwantlen.”

“Andrew creates an open & honest learning environment. He often asks for feedback to ensure students have the best learning opportunities.”

“The learning environment this semester has been fun, educational and engaging. I’ve loved it.”

Instructional/Content Delivery

“The instructor is visibly passionate about the course that he teaches and is open to mediate class-wide discussions on topics related to the course. He often encourages students to participate, but never pressures students to speak. The assignments are structured so that they can be as broad or as specific as the student wants. Lastly, the course load is appropriate for this course.”

“Very engaging! Enthusiastic without being irritating, zero preaching, always encouraging and thoughtful in his comments and classwork. Great at guiding discussion without being overbearing.”

“Andrew is one of the best prof’s I have had. He relates lessons to daily news articles & relevant info.”

“Most current instructor I’ve ever had. I love that the examples, discussion topics and assignments centered on real world situations that are happening right now.”

“His real world experience really helps contextualize the concepts I’ve learned in the classroom. He is clearly interested in our feedback in order to build a better course and be a better instructor.”

Advice, Guidance and Grading

“Andrew always gives good feedback that is directed to each student. He pays attention to improvements based on previous assignments.”

“The comments given in marked assignments are helpful and clear.”

“I am always amazed at how thorough Andrew is with his marking.”