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Video Productions

“Sound of Silence” - Award-winning oil spill awareness commercial, launched on Global Television on the 24th Anniversary of the Exxon Valdez oil spill. Music licensed from Paul Simon. 

“Pah!” - 22 minute HD Deaf Television Pilot (practicum). Reviewed by National Film Board of Canada. Won two Ryerson TARA awards for Best Direction and Best Video Practicum, as well as the Best Drama award from the Broadcast Educator’s Association of Canada (BEAC).

“Endangered Species Greatest Hits” - Viral video take-off on the cheesy “Greatest Hits” compilation commercials. Produced for the David Suzuki Foundation, Ecojustice and ForestEthics’ “Last Place on Earth” campaign to raise awareness of the need for an endangered species law in British Columbia.

“Cutting Down Caribou” - Google Earth video exposing controversial logging practices in BC’s endangered Mountain Caribou habitat. Produced for ForestEthics, the video went “viral” on YouTube, achieving thousands of views and major television and newspaper coverage.

“Ducking Responsibility in Ontario’s Boreal Forest”  - Viral video take-off on the popular Nintendo game “Duck Hunt.” Produced for ForestEthics, the video raises awareness of deforestation issues, species loss, climate change and urges government action.

“The Dorothy Amor Story” - 35 minute historical documentary produced for the Oliver & District Heritage Society Museum and Archives.

“Synapse”  - 22 minute fictional documentary exploring the psychological effects of mass media and modern consumerism. Featured licensed music from Led Zeppelin and stock footage from the Ontario Archives. Nominated for a Ryerson TARA award (Best Video Production).

“Overdose”  - Fictional video chronicling drug overdose. Won the Ryerson Netstar TARA award for Best Electronic Field Production.