Dear Ross McMillan, Please Tell The Truth

Since my whistleblower story broke last week, both ForestEthics Canada and Tides Canada have tried to come forward with the truth in different ways. This morning, Ross McMillan, the CEO of Tides Canada (the organization that was threatened by the Prime Minister's Office), has an opinion piece in The Tyee where he calls for an "Open, Honest Debate about our Energy Future." In the article he stands by his contention that my story was "inaccurate" but that I had "the right idea." He doesn't come clean with the actual facts about what happened - a prerequisite for a truly honest debate.

Whatever the "right idea" I had was, it must have been pretty disconcerting to Mr. McMillan, because he fired me just after I had sworn my affidavit, and before I had gone public with my story.

As I've said time and again, Mr. McMillan is the only one who knows exactly what the Prime Minister's Office said to him, and right now he's staying silent.

As I swore in my affidavit, Mr. McMillan told his colleagues that the Prime Minister's Office labelled ForestEthics Canada an "Enemy of the Government of Canada" and an "Enemy of the People of Canada." His friends and closest advisors have said it, my former colleagues have said it, but Ross isn't saying it, for fear the Prime Minister's Office will come after his charity.

Here's an open challenge to Ross: Ross, please tell the truth. Plain and simple. What really happened? Why don't you share the information that would be so valuable for citizens working to hold this government to account?

Please do the right thing, and tell the truth. Let us know what the real facts are.

You can send a supportive email or tweet to Mr. McMillan, urging him to share his story with his fellow Canadian citizens:

@Ross_McMillan (his communications person)