Media Round-Up: First Nations Oil Sands Export Ban

It was an honour and a privilege to conduct media relations on behalf of the Gathering of Nations for last week's oil sands export ban declaration. We got great coverage and forced Enbridge to rush their announcement of an "agreement" with the Gitxsan - an announcement that has since unraveled, and resulted in the wider Gitxsan nation firing the negotiator who made the deal with Enbridge.

Here's a summary of the print coverage we generated:

Natives to oppose West Coast oil pipelines Reuters December 1, 2011

First Nation leaders say they are closing B.C. borders to Gateway pipeline The Canadian Press December 1, 2011

Native leaders vow to block Norther Gateway pipeline Globe and Mail December 1, 2011

Aboriginal groups stand against Canadian oil pipeline Toronto Star

Enbridge pipeline faces 'unbroken wall of opposition' from B.C. First Nations Postmedia News (Vancouver Sun, Calgary Herald and others) December 1, 2011

B.C. First Nations form 'united front' against pipeline: Leaders vow to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in front of bulldozers to halt construction CBC News December 1, 2011

Should Enbridge's proposed Alberta-B.C. oil pipeline go ahead? CBC News December 1, 2011

First nations claim alliance is barrier that pipelines won't break The Vancouver Sun December 1, 2011

Opposition to pipeline grows as Ottawa, First Nations plan summit The Edmonton Journal December 1, 2011

Native leader to Harper: 'We will be the wall that Enbridge cannot break through' The Tyee December 1, 2011

Native groups form 'wall' to block oil exports December 1, 2011