Mo Carbon, Mo Problems

One of the largest deposits of hydrocarbons in the world, Canada's Tar Sands, are also among the most carbon-intensive to produce, meaning their production and refinement produce more carbon emissions than most other sources of crude oil. That means more greenhouse gases and a greater contribution to global climate change.

A new report put out by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) includes maps marking the various carbon intensities of crude oil sources. I've taken those maps and merged them to produce one clear picture (click to see full size):

Aside from one relatively small Iranian oil source that involves a large amount of gas flaring, the Tar Sands operation is the most carbon-intensive.

Countries considering the import of Tar Sands crude should think twice.

We've got a small window to draw down our greenhouse gas emissions, increasing dependence on the world's most carbon-intensive fuels is a bad idea.

Mo carbon, mo problems.