Keeping Time

This is a quick and potentially flakey post. Just had an incredible writing session this morning, laying in bed, looking out the window at the sun rising on the trees, squirrels chasing each other, crows playing in the air. The theme of the writing was keeping time, the various rhythms in nature that we're a seamless part of. How you choose to keep, pass and mark time (whether it's music, work, hobbies, colours, fashion  - all the various human means we have for making and adorning time). Who you choose to pass it with - why you make that decision etc. Rhythm is an incredible force. Anyhow, all of this will be better fleshed out in the near future in a writing project I'm just starting. In the mean time, I'm off to Ohio for a week and I'll be visiting my girlfriend's family and hometown...seeing the places and people that set her particular rhythm as a human being in motion...and of course there will be Fall of mother nature's most glorious celebrations of the passing of time. More on time in the near future. A promise you can set your watch by.